EyePrintPRO vs Scleral Lenses

How is EyePrintPRO Different from Scleral Lenses?

The EyePrintPRO is similar to a scleral lens. It is made of the same FDA approved oxygen permeable materials and the fit vaults the cornea while landing on the sclera. There is a long history of the comfort, health and visual benefits of scleral lenses. The difference, however, is in the design process. General scleral lenses are fit through a system of trial and error with prefabricated lenses.  The Precision Vision Rehabilitation (PVR) PROSE Treatment goes a step further to customize the material and precise measurement for proper scleral lens design. The EyePrintPRO is made from an impression of the ocular surface, using the same concept as a dental impression/molding. Instead of using a series of standardized curvatures as with general scleral lenses, or even customized PVR PROSE Lenses, the EyePrintPRO is generated to exactly match the unique irregularities of the individual eye. Because of the precise nature of the back surface fit, high quality and individualized optics can be placed on the front surface of the device, creating exactly what you need.

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