Lasik Dry Eye Treatment and Correction

Lasik Dry Eye Treatment and Correction

Dry eyes are a common complication of LASIK procedure. Although in most cases the post lasik dry eyes is temporary, however some patients might continue having dry eyes for years after the procedure. Most of these patients are those who had some level dry eye before the surgery too.

Lasik Dry Eye Treatment

Following lasik surgery, the corneal sensitivity might reduce and result in inability of nervous system to sense the need of lubrication, specially due to damage to nerves during flap creation and ablation of cornea, resulting in inadequate tears production. This not only results in discomfort but also affects vision.

Treating dry eyes prior to LASIK procedure

In patients with dry eyes symptoms prior to LASIK procedure, the surgeon might advise treating the condition prior to surgery. This includes prescribing lubricating eye drops, punctal plugs, which slow down normal drainage of tears and thus help prevent dry eyes, or other methods of dry eye treatment.

Any abnormality of ocular surface noted before surgery should be treated before LASIK is performed.

Treating dry eyes after LASIK

Most patients with post LASIK dry eyes respond well to conventional dry eyes treatment. This includes:

Using eye drops:

– Artificial tears (not sufficiently affective alone usually)
– Short course of topical steroid (not good for long term due to side effects of steroids)
– Autologous serum eye drops (mixing patients serum with sterile saline solution and using it as eye drops)
Punctal occlusion

Punctal occlusion is used to slow down tears drainage of tears from the eyes. This results in tears remaining longer on the surface of eyes.

Massage and compresses

Warm, moist compresses and gentle lid massage on selected cases can help in better tear production in those cases.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses depending upon patients other post lasik complications can be helpful in reducing the dry eyes symptoms. Gas permeable lenses don’t absorb moisture from the surface of the eyes, thus they are recommended in such patients.

It’s important to understand and remember that the symptoms related to dry eyes are common in post LASIK patients. However discussing the issue with a LASIK Dry Eye Specialists and managing it is essential in both temporary and permanent dry eyes.