Treatment for problems after LASIK eye surgery.

Dr. Irwin Azman, the preeminent contact lens and post lasik specialist in the United States, has a mission: He wants to promote awareness and prevention of damaged eyes caused by LASIK. Unfortunately problems after LASIK eye surgery are quite common. Dr. Azman who has been prescribing contact lenses for the “hard-to fit” patient since 1980 points out that many LASIK patients experience debilitating glare, loss of vision and dry eyes. His specialty is restoration of vision and comfort loss as a result of refractive surgery. Or even better, encouraging his patients to forgo such surgery and instead be prescribed contact lenses. “The contacts we provide will give you all-day comfort and sharp eyesight without the risks that can lead to disabling complications,” he says.

Dr. Azman treats all patients–even the most difficult cases. Many of his patients are referred to Dr. Azman from eye care professionals throughout the United States for post lasik and contact lens care that is only available from a few select contact lens specialists. While many have been told nothing can be done, Dr. Azman has successfully helped hundreds of patients who have experienced a loss of vision and comfort relating to refractive surgery. Dr. Azman has a passion to help patients who have problems after lasik eye surgery. Says Dr. Azman, “I personally promise each patient will receive the highest level of care and attention with my team of experts.”

Dr. Azman, who received his Doctorate degree in 1977 at the Illinois College of Optometry is a member of the Maryland and American Optometric Association, he served eight years on the Maryland Board of Examiners in Optometry.

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Dr. Irwin Azman Director of Vision Restoration & Rehabilitation Services
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