Complications After LASIK Surgery

What To Do After Lasik Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is a procedure to correct refractive errors. This method has become very popular across the globe, making it very accessible to all with a refractive eye problem. LASIK allows the eye to be free from contact lenses and eyeglasses for a very long time. In fact, millions of people in the US have undergone this procedure to correct their vision. However, there are also side effects or complications of this procedure that you need to know.


The common side effects of LASIK surgery include, haze, seeing halos around the eye, dry eyes and fluctuating vision. These side effects are expected to last for a few weeks, and in some cases for more than four month. However, some common side effects can trigger a more serious problem.

The complications of this procedure are a game changer. One might suffer from moderate to severe visual aberrations. Apart from the physical stress,  one has to address the emotional and psychological anxiety caused by the postoperative outcome.

What People Are Commonly Doing

Unfortunately, patients having suffered the complications of the eye procedure would seek another eye doctor to treat their condition.  Eyesight restoration after the LASIK surgery is not for every eye doctor to treat. It takes expert knowledge and skills to restore the damaged cornea caused by LASIK. Often patients will go back  for a LASIK touch-up or enhancement, but unfortunately this can increase the complications.

Expert Eye Doctor

What separates an eye doctor to another eye doctor is their expertise in the field. Second opinions, in this case, are necessary to put an end to one’s vision problem. The main goal here is to seek a treatment that can restore the eyes to its fullest.

There is hope for people with post LASIK complications. There are expert eye doctors who have the experience, invested in acquiring the most modern equipment, continue to advance their knowledge and skills to help those who are not completely free from post LASIK vision problems.

Where To Find The Experts

Hopping from one doctor to the other does not offer a guarantee of a complete treatment. What is vital here is for one to connect with a dependable eye doctor, that is known in the eye industry. A doctor who can help manage and treat the complications of post-LASIK successfully. The post LASIK management and treatment is often a non-surgical intervention with the use of (specialty) contact lenses, scleral lenses, PVR PROSE, EyePrint Pro, and other options. (soft lenses, RGP lenses, hybrids, scleral hybrids)

LASIK surgery is a modern way to correct the eye vision caused by a refractive error, and there are post-surgery complications that some people have suffered. Fortunately, these complications are treatable by doctors who specialize in the restoration of post refractive surgery.

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