Blurry Vision After LASIK

LASIK Complications: Blurry Vision

Unfortunately complications following LASIK surgery are common; patients may experience life-long vision problems after the procedure. Among several side effects following LASIK surgery, blurring of vision is one very discomforting one. Blurry vision can be mild to severe and might be un-correctable by glasses.

Blurry Vision After LASIK: Treatment & Correction  

Blurring of vision after LASIK surgery can be noticed in dim light usually. However some patients might experience it in all lighting conditions.

Some of the treatment options to correct the post LASIK blurry vision are:

Wait and watch

The visual acuity improves gradually following LASIK surgery. This means the blurring of vision caused immediately after LASIK surgery should go away within first few days. It can take 4 months for clear vision to be established after the procedure. So don’t panic and let the temporary blurring of vision heal and improve.

Treating of dry eyes

Dry eye contributes to blurring of vision as well. So managing and treating dry eyes with the expert opinion is necessary. A specialist may advise you using artificial tears, eye drops, punctal plugs, etc. to manage and treat the dry eyes, depending on the type of dry eye one has.

If the reason for blurring of vision was dry eyes, it will improve as the condition gets resolved.

Using glasses and contact lenses

If the condition still persists, you’ll be advised to use glasses or contact lenses suitable as per your condition. The glasses or contact lens will be used to correct the nearsightedness or farsightedness causing blurring of vision in case of LASIK failure.

Before making any conclusion, taking it lightly or starting self-remedies, it’s important to consult with a Post LASIK specialist to confirm the cause of the blurred vision and its prognosis. In rare cases, it can be some underlying eye disease kicking in as a result of procedure or medication that might need expert opinion.

Dr. Irwin Azman is one of the pioneers of the Post LASIK | PRK | RK patient. With over 25 years of experience in the management and treatment of the Post LASIK patient. Together with his knowledge and experience Dr. Azman is able to prescribe each patient with the proper solution in resolving their Post LASIK blurry vision and other LASIK complications. There is hope for Blurry Vision After LASIK.