Lasik Glare Correction

LASIK is a great option for patients to get rid of glasses or contact lenses and many patients around the world benefit from the surgery. However, the procedure does have its side effects. Visual disturbances like Glare are one of the complications following LASIK surgery.

Post LASIK Glare

Post LASIK glare is when the patient following LASIK eye surgery develops a visual disturbance when looking at bright light. The glare can be a problem on bright days specially or while looking at bright light sources such as in a bright room or while driving at night.

It’s important not to jump to conclusions regarding the glare experienced after LASIK surgery. Consult a Post LASIK Specialist to understand the condition exactly and what’s the best solution for you. Sometimes minor touch ups can fix the glare issues but often further surgery exacerbates the problem.

Glare after Lasik

Glare after LASIK










Tips for Post LASIK Glare:

  • Avoid harsh bright lights

First of all, the patients are advised to avoid looking at bright objects to prevent glare. This means not looking at the sun on a bright sunny day and not looking at the harsh lights, both indoor and outdoor.

  • Using sunglasses

Sunglasses are of great help in patients experiencing glare following LASIK surgery. Polarized glasses can be of special help to prevent glare and visual disturbance in those patients. Note that the polarized glasses reduce the visibility of images from LCD’s e.g. your smart phones, gps, car or plane lcd screens, etc.

  • Using eye drops

Never start using eye drops without consulting your eye care specialist. Certain eye drops can be harmful\self-contradictory; therefore self-medication is absolutely contraindicated. If your condition can and should be managed by medication, your doctor will advise you certain eye drops to be used to correct the glare following LASIK surgery.

Post LASIK Glare Treatments:

  • Scleral Contact Lenses
  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses
  • Hybrid Contact Lenses
  • Soft Contact Lenses
  • Post Lasik Glasses
  • Dry Eye Treatment

Glare is one of the complications of LASIK surgery and is not only disturbing, but can be disabling in certain situations as the light is scattered with reduced contrast in the scene being seen by the eye. LASIK Glare can be treated completely or reduced / controlled by certain measures and treatments. However before proceeding to further touch-up surgery and treatments it’s important to consult a Post LASIK Specialist and get the condition evaluated and understood for best management and treatment.

Dr. Irwin Azman is one of the pioneers of the Post LASIK | PRK | RK patient. With over 25 years of experience in the diagnosis, management and treatment of the Post LASIK | PRK | RK patient with complications. Together with his knowledge and experience Dr. Azman is able to prescribe each patient with the proper solution in resolving their Post LASIK glare and other LASIK complications.