Scleral lenses related to post Lasik side effects

Scleral contact lenses are specialized lenses that are made of a high oxygen permeable material and are larger in diameter as compared to conventional lenses.

Scleral contact lenses aren’t a contact lens in strict sense, as they don’t have any contact with the cornea of an eye. The lens rests on the sclera of the eye and doesn’t move with the movement of the eyeball.

Scleral lenses for post Lasik complications

Scleral contact lenses are helpful in a lot of post Lasik complications and side effects including corneal ectasia, irregular astigmatism, dry eyes, etc.

Scleral contact lenses don’t come in contact with the cornea of the eye, therefore they’re helpful in patients having sensitive or irregular cornea, where soft and conventional contact lenses can’t be used.

There is a film of tear between the scleral contact lens and the cornea, which provides a cushion as well as helps in uniform refraction while the light rays pass through the lens, cornea and the gap in between.


Scleral contact lens for post Lasik ectasia

Corneal damage in post Lasik patients can lead to corneal ectasia. Conventional and soft lenses that rest on the cornea are useless in this condition as they sit on the cornea and cannot maintain their contour as they adjust with the corneal surface.

Scleral contact lenses rest on the sclera and have no contact with the cornea directly; therefore their shape isn’t affected by cornea irregularities and ectasia, providing unaffected refraction of light from the lens surface.

Scleral contact lenses and dry eyes

As scleral contact lenses don’t come in contact with the cornea of the eye, they are useful in patients who can’t tolerate the contact lenses otherwise due to the dry eyes.

Scleral contact lenses and nearsightedness or farsightedness

Patients left with refractive errors or having an over correction can use scleral contact lenses to correct the myopia or hyperopia in their eyes.

Scleral contact lenses and irregular astigmatism

Scleral contact lenses can be helpful in patients suffering with irregular astigmatism after the Lasik procedure.

If you’re having any complications after Lasik procedure consult a specialist to discuss the post Lasik side effects in your case and the best possible treatment options for you.